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Everette Regier

Check out the youngest of our Dak Pak team. Everette has coined the nickname of The Dak Jam Girl. Despite being young this girl knows way more than her fair share of retro trivia. 

Even though she wasn't rockin' out in the 80s, 90s, or 2000s, she's got mad respect for the fashion, specifically acid washed denim, bright colors, fannypacks, babydoll tees, velour track suits, and vests!

Favorite throwback tune: "No One Needs to Know" by Shania Twain or "The River" by Garth Brooks

Favorite throwback flick: Beauty and the Beast​

Favorite thing about Dak Jam: Painting the Spirographs was something that Everette loved about Dak Jam and she can't wait to see more in 2020.

Meet Ashley, and believe us, she's all that! She's a bomb kindergarten teacher right here in Minot. ​

She's a total 90s girl because it brings back some of her best memories, and the music was full on dope. ​

Favorite throwback tune: "Waiting for a Girl" by Foreigner, "Separate Ways" by Journey, and " Endless Summer Nights" by Richard Marx 

Favorite throwback flick: Clueless 

Favorite thing about Dak Jam: The music and being outside and making memories with friends. 

Ashley Regier
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Xaja Bush

Meet Easton, he says he's from the land of opportunity, Minot of course. He's the heart, soul, and brains behind Bennett Creative Media. He says part of his job is downplaying it by saying he makes cool internet videos, so when people enjoy his work, they think it's "mighier than it actually is". ​

Since he didn't experience any of the 80s and only a small part of the 90s, he thinks the 2000s is where it's at. He's a huge music dude so Akon and Eminem won him over. 

Favorite throwback tune: "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey

Favorite throwback flick: Dumb and Dumber​

Favorite thing about Dak Jam: Getting to cover the event through his camera lens, and listening to the bomb tunes at the same time.

Check out one of our totally dope new Dak Pak members. Xaja is her name but if you work at Starbucks you probably just call her AJ. She's from the mountains in Seattle, and the streets of Houston, but now she chills in Minot as the Assistant Manager at Buckle. She's makin' sure everyone looks hella fly!

Xaja vibes with the 90s because of the seriously trendy fashion and of course the stellar tunes. 

Favorite throwback tuneWho could pick just one song? On the regular, she's listening to Weezer and Sublime, with a mix of Fleetwood Mac & Elton John

Favorite throwback flick: Beetlejuice  

Favorite thing about Dak Jam: "I'm most excited about seeing Dak Jam grow into a weekend getaway full of old tunes and good booze!"

Easton Bennett
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Gavin Mercer

This is Clarissa, and she's another tubular new member to the Dak Pak team! When she isn't chillin' with us, she's being a boss as a Regional Sales Representative for an Oil and Gas service company.

She is an 80s girl all the way, because that's the decade where she has some of her first memories, like driving around to drilling rigs with her dad, listening to some gnarly tunes. 

Favorite throwback tune: "Take on Me" by Aha (If you ask, she might show you the golf dance her and our other Dak Pak member, Tennele, made up to this song)

Favorite throwback flick: Top Gun, she even named her dogs Maverick and Goose!

Favorite thing about Dak Jam: She loves live music like festivals and concerts, but she's even more psyched to see friends again and meet new ones!

Here is another new member of the Dak Pak. Gavin is a student at Minot State University. He originally calls Riverside, CA his crib but chills in Minot right now for school.

He digs the 80s because the music industry exploded with new sounds that no one had ever heard. He thinks it was the most rebellious and crazy time and he would've loved to live his 20s in the 80s. 

Favorite throwback tune: Black Betty by Ram Jam

Favorite throwback flick: Happy Gilmore

Favorite thing about Dak Jam: She's psyched for the festival, but also to collab with other Dak Pak members in photoshoots and Dak Jam Lites. Overall, he's just pumped for the experience!

Clarissa Klein
Alora Robertson

Yo', this Dak Pak member is majorly dope! Shane calls Ryder, ND his hood, but currently chills in Minot as a Regulatory Specialist for an Oil and Gas Company.

Shane digs the 80s because that's when he was born, but wants to shoutout the 2000s because that's when he turned 21, and the real rad times began.

Favorite throwback tune: Impossible to pick one, but his go to karaoke song is Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses

Favorite throwback flick: Comedy - Christmas Vacation, but Action - Full Metal Jacket  

Favorite thing about Dak Jam: Any chance to enjoy music with friends in an outdoor setting is one of Shane's favorite things, but with Dak Jam he loves that there is so much more to elevate the whole experience!

Alora is new to the team but she's totally choice. You can find her kickin' it in Minot and making her coin as a middle school teacher.​

She's doesn't hate on any decades, in the 80s she's all about the flicks, the 90s are about the dope threads, and 2000s have the sickest tunes.

Favorite throwback tune: "Thunderstruck" - AC/DC

Favorite throwback flick: Sixteen Candles or 10 Things I Hate About You

Favorite thing about Dak Jam: She's beyond excited to hang out with her friends and listen to some bomb music. 

Shane Larson
Breanna Benjamin

Check out our newest Dak Pak member Breanna. When we say this girl has the total Dak Jam vibe, we mean it. Her crib is right here in Minot where she makes her duckets as a Mortgage Loan Post Closer.

She goes postal for anything 90s because she describes them as "all that" she what she did there. 

Favorite throwback tune: Thunderstruck by AC/DC

Favorite throwback flick: 10 Things I Hate About You

Favorite thing about Dak Jam: She's mondo psyched for Dak Jam because she can't wait to be at live concerts again, and we totally agree!